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It is very important to understand the disease process in the body. Our body and mind prepares itself before it is ready to take a sickness, these are called the predispositions. The vital force speaks by virtue of producing sickness or the symptoms so that one should pay attention to it. When these occasionally coming symptoms are over looked or wrongfully treated, a chronic condition settles which is then labelled as a DIS-EASE.

We should inquire about how the disease started; most of the times the causation of Migraines, Gastric reflux, Gastric ulcers, sleeplessness, cramps, tics, psoriasis and many other health problems is emotional disturbance. The individual gets hurt so deeply on the emotional level that the body starts to show the symptoms on the physical level in order to survive.

People try to treat all the symptoms individually by allopathic drugs or other means but they never feel overall well because they are being treated superficially. Result is that the symptoms never go away and the health deteriorates further by the time.

It is not possible to bring about the health without knowing the origin and the maintaining causes.

It is only the power of the carefully selected homeopathic remedy which can make all the emotional and physical sufferings disappear in a natural way. The remedy works by hitting the vital force and unblocking the energy which brings the overall general wellbeing.

And the art is to prescribe a single remedy in infrequent doses; sometimes just one or two doses and let it work.

A homeopathic remedy treats the person as a whole, relieves the most disturbing issues in a short period of time and makes the person less prone to the same triggers by boosting the immune system. So the person gradually feels better overall: mentally, emotionally and physically.